Pizza made in its birthplace, Naples Italy, is flash baked in blistering wood-burning ovens, sometimes in less than one minute.  This gives you the softest, freshest tasting pizza possible. The best New York and New Haven pizzas are cooked in coal burning ovens for around 5 minutes making them more crispy with deep rich flavors.


The foundation for the pizza at Stoked Wood Fired Pizza Company comes from meticulously studying these two classic styles and highlighting the strengths of each in our own pizza.  We prefer a crust that is soft and light on the inside with a crisp outer shell.  To achieve this, we use ancient technology - a wood-burning oven, for the superior flavor it imparts.  Dough formulations, tomato variates, and cheeses have been blended and refined to create what we think is the best of both worlds and the ultimate thin crust pizza.


Stoked uses only ultra-premium ingredients; sparing no expense and taking no shortcuts in our recipes.  To follow this tradition, we have partnered with Lilliput Farms in Wareham, Massachusetts.  They grow organic produce for us from seeds that we discovered on trips to the Campania region of Italy.  Ingredients are delivered to Stoked seven days a week so we can avoid freezers, preservatives, and processed foods. New tomato and olive oil crops from all around the world are compared at the end of each growing season to ensure that we have the most flavorful sauces and salad dressings available anywhere.  

Our meats are sourced from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, know for their high quality.

We hope you notice our dedication to the craft of pizza when you eat at Stoked!

Meet The Team

Scott Riebling

Scott has always been obsessed with pizza, and was making dough from scratch before he knew how to drive a car.   The first day he got his license he drove straight to "Mama Lucias" because that's the pizzeria that had the most flavorful crust and sauce.


When Scott moved to Boston to attend college his career in the music business took off.  He found himself touring the world playing bass, producing, and engineering records for many successful bands. In Scott's eyes, the best part about all the traveling for music was that it enabled him to seek out the tastiest pizzerias across the US and Italy. Befriending and learning from the owners of these successful establishments offered valuable insight into what makes crave-worthy pizza. 

Toirm Miller

Toirm acquired his first job in the restaurant business at the age of 14, washing dishes in a family owned Italian restaurant in Hartford, CT.

In 2004 Toirm decided to take a break from the restaurant business and was hired by Boston Duck Tours to work as one of their famed "Conducktours", giving amphibious tours of Boston.

Looking to keep his hand in the restaurant business, Toirm launched Boston's first vegetarian food cart, Jack and the Bean Bowl which received great reviews from both the Boston Globe and the Boston Phoenix.

When not at the restaurant, Toirm is with his nine-year-old daughter and wife, explaining to them he cannot eat pizza on his day off.

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